2017 Guest Preaching Recap


2017 was a wild year. Yes we planted Reunion Seattle – WOW – but I also did more guest preaching than I had done in previous years. Which was an actual answer to prayer as I wanted to have more opportunities to exercise the gift God seemed to be trusting me with and use it build up the Body (ala Ephesians 4).

Outside of the churches I was a part of in 2017 (Reach & Reunion), God then put me in front of 7,000+ people to preach 20 times in 8 cities, 4 churches, 2 conferences, 1 retreat for at risk youth and 1 school to declare His good news! Unfortunately, I had to turn down 2 other requests for 2017 because I needed to be present with my wife, children and new church family.

I want to thank everyone that brought me in to share with their people in 2017: Dan Kimball & Jay Kim @ Vintage Faith Church and Regeneration Project (I got to preach there TWICE in 2017!), Darren Larson @ Imprint Church, Thomas Terry and the Humble Beast crew for Canvas Conference, Christian Simas @ Reality Stockton, Nathan Smith @ Valley Christian School, Chris Tenny @ Dwell Christian Church & Paul Dean @ Soma Eastside.

It was a GREAT year for that and we are praying about what it would look like to continue to preach outside of Reunion and build up the Body outside of our local church context. We’ve already put a couple of dates on the calendar with some wonderful churches and events in 2018.

If you’re interested in having me come preach at your church or event in 2018, email me at steve@reunionseattle.org. I’d love talk to you and see if its a good fit for us both.

Check out some pics from the yearIMG_4427.jpg






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