Reunion Seattle…so far

I can’t believe that 2017 is almost over. Its a WILD year for sure. One of the wildest things of 2017 has ABSOLUTELY been the launching of our church Reunion Seattle.

My family, our friends Sam & AstaireSmith, and 9 other wild and crazy people agreed to be in on what God is up to in the Southend of Seattle and plant a new church there. So on July 23rd we hosted our first gathering as Reunion Seattle! The Smith’s opened up their home on 15th Ave in the Beacon Hill neighborhood and just said “eh, we’ll see who shows up.” Well…the house was packed! Fortunately the summer was very dry and the days were nice so the kids could have their space in the backyard without being inside on a hot summer day.



IMG_0048.jpgWe wanted to take our time and build a healthy rhythm in the early days. We wanted to worship together and a develop relationships so we decided to have worship gatherings every other week and have picnic days at a local park in between. We had this notion that this irregular rhythm would slow us down and keep us small enough to meet in the house until at least the new year. Well…not so much. Throughout the summer, despite our best ideas, we continued to grow. People would text us “hey we can’t make it this week” and Sam and I would think “Whew! Maybe there will be room for some new people!” So early on we began praying for a space big enough, and cheap enough, for our new church.

Then, on Sept 17th we hosted our info meeting and held our first gathering in what would become the second home of Reunion – Centilia Cultural Center, only a few blocks away from where we met in Sam & Astaire’s house. And more people showed up! God kept adding to our number with stories of people encountering the Gospel for the first time! Some put their faith in Jesus for the first time, others plugged back in to a faith community for the first time in a long time. Since then, God has been wildly faithful to us and His mission in South Seattle.

IMG_0061.jpgIMG_0056.jpgOn Dec 10th we concluded our first sermon series at Reunion. Its small milestone for us but we celebrated it! Since we’ve launched we also have added a total of 4 Groups that meet throughout the city of Seattle, We’ve hosted our 4 “Basics” classes, and began a canned food drive for Seattle Union Gospel Mission. IMG_0197 2.png

But beginning Jan 2018, we will be launching our WEEKLY gatherings and those sermons will be recorded and available online. But forget the audio, if you’re in the Seattle area you should join us in person! We’re in awe of what God is up to and excited to see what He would decide to do through us at Reunion Seattle.

IMG_0063.jpgIts already been a wild ride, and we’re excited for more!


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