So…we’re starting a new church

I’ve been involved in local church ministry for 15 years in churches of various sizes and stages. I’ve led in the newly started church of 25 people, the 3 year old 300 person church and a 4 year old 800-1000 person church. I’ve served in various capacities and at one point or another over the last 15 years, I’ve led, started or rebooted just about every type ministry in the church with the exception of a worship team. I was bi-vocational for nearly 12 years and I’ve been in the 3 most unreached/unchurched regions of America for my entire ministry life. I say all that to say that my whole life has been committed to serving in the local church and in many years specifically we’ve been committed to serving in church plants. (Plant is Christianese for a start up, in case you were wondering)

My wife and I moved to the PNW to, Lord willing, be a part of a team that would plant a multi-ethnic church in the city of Seattle in 2018. The time to begin that part of our adventure is here. Our time with the team at Reach Church has come to an end and the next phase is upon us. Along with our friends Sam and Astaire Smith, we will be heading  up a wildly gifted, diverse team of people to start a church in the South End of Seattle. It will be called Reunion and our mission is simply to be people that are “joining Jesus as He unites all things.”

We are pumped about to about the next season and phase and over the course of the next few days I’ll be giving you the full data dump about what’s going on with the church and how you can help. I’ll be sharing the website, a prayer update, you’ll hear from some of the folks of the team, and more.

For now, celebrate with us and pray for us as we get ready for our first launch team gathering on Sunday July 23rd.

You also follow some of the journey of Reunion on social media. Go here for Twitter and here for Instagram.

More coming soon!

One comment

  1. larosa217 · July 17, 2017

    God speed bro!


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