Does the Bible Condone Slavery?

Last fall, I was invited by Dan Kimball and Jay Kim to be a part of the ReGeneration Project which has a primary aim to discuss tough issues/questions the current generation has about the Christian faith.


My topic was addressing the question many of us have either been asked or thought about ourselves – “Does the Bible condone slavery?” So I addressed the topic in a way that is designed to communicate it to the average person. There’s lots of scholarly, academic approaches to the subject but this isn’t one of them. Lots of scholarly research went into it, but this was designed for the everyday person. This was designed for the person who genuinely wants to answer the question but doesn’t speak in unnecessarily big words to sound important. This wasn’t written as a doctoral thesis to show my professor I did my research. This wasn’t written for the halls of academia. This was done for the everyday guys and girls that genuinely have questions about the scriptures and human history and its seeming contradictions about this issue.


The audio posted below is from the time I presented it in Newport, RI –  a fitting location as it was once the hub to as much as 90% of Transatlantic slave trade during its peak. Its also home of the Quaker Meeting House – the place where the Quakers met for prayer and to organize themselves for the abolition of slavery.


The audio also contains the song “Precious Puritans” by HumbleBeast recording artist (and my vote for poet laureate) Propaganda.


  1. brandonmmoore · May 3, 2016

    Thank you for this! The way you gave the historical context helps so much. It scares me how easily we can miss when we read and try to shape what the bible says to our lifestyle. Also without proper understanding of scripture in its context


    • Steven Patton · May 24, 2016

      Thanks Brandon! Glad it was a blessing to you. Thanks for the reblog


  2. Brandon Moore · May 20, 2016

    Reblogged this on Welcome To My Journey.


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