#MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain – Final Chapter

Today is the 11th and final part of conversation between me and my self described Liberal Lesbian friend Laura. Here are her final two assumptions.If this is the first time you’ve read a post in this series, I encourage you to go back read the 1st one for context…or…all of them 😉

15. You would always like to pump more money into national security
HA! Not really. Though I do have many loved ones who’s industry is supported by national security related projects, there is an abundance of money dumped into it that just seems out of place to me as person who does supply drives for students and teachers. Teachers are footing the bill for their own supplies to do their jobs but we figured out how to shoot a laser beam through concrete under the guise of “national security?” We have a $1.5 trillion dollar jet we can’t fly.  Feels like a waste to me. I think we need more money in places other than National Security.
16. You believe we should have “dominion over the earth,” that we are more valued than any other sentient being.
I actually agree with this statement. I hold to the belief that we are “made in God’s image” and thus carry a higher value than any other sentient being. To be clear, I think its important to say that we ALL carry that value. Human beings. No other title needs to be applied here. Straight, LGBT, disabilities/challenged, old, young, Black, White, Brown, etc – we ALL carry that value equally. Its what fuels my belief in how I feel about abortion, treatment of LGBT, race and more. Also, it doesn’t mean that all other sentient beings have no value. In order to properly have “dominion over the earth” we are to properly care for all other forms of life here on earth. Yes, that even includes lions ;). I also think it should fuel how handle the earth and should fuel how we address the climate issue. If we are to truly care for the earth then this must become an important issue for us. I think most people that reject the notion of climate do so because it would mean that as people having rule, they are terrible rulers. That’s what is at the heart of having “dominion,” to have rule. The same scriptures that tell us we are to have rule also shows us what kind of rulers we should be and that is kind hearted, others centered, “servant” leaders. That was the kind of leader Jesus was and that is kind of ruler we should be as those having “dominion.”

To you, the reader, I’ve called it #MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain because my friend has wanted to navigate ideas and assumptions that have been identified as “Evangelical” but have very little to do with “evangelistic” people. I realize that not all of my answers reflect the entirety of my Christ following friends but that’s also the point. We’re not a homogenous, monolithic political base for right wing politics. We’re people. We’re diverse. And if we step away from the politics and wrestle with Christ in the culture, we’ll discover that we are to be a light beacon in a dark world and not the malfunctioning glow stick in a bright room that we’ve been identified as.


Let’s engage people in their diverse, nuanced beliefs, their messy lives and their anger aimed at people that said something similar to you and now you’re their target. They might be lesbian, liberal, asexual, apolitical, or whatever but let’s engage them genuinely  with grace and kindness  – Colossians 4:6 –  not merely enrage them with “gotcha” statements. Let’s live our lives fueled by Gospel amongst even those who would be hostile towards us so that together we can #MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain.



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