#MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain pt 10

We’re almost done addressing my friend Laura’s assumptions about me (and you) as a Christian. Again, if you’re joining this conversation for the first time, jump to part 1 to gain a full context before reading along. Feel free to catch up on the previous parts of the discussion.
13. You deny climate change, the climate change we are experiencing now is not primarily human caused.
14 of the 15 hottest years on record happened between 2000-2015. The highest populations of the history of the Earth also happened during that time period. The ozone was fine until the industrial age. Industrial countries with less regulations on the gasses they are allowed to emit have shown to have more depleted ozone above their countries. I’m willing to concede that this is causation not simply correlation and this is the cause of humanity’s work.
14. You would like to see the end of “entitlement programs”for the poor and disenfranchised – i.e.  welfare, food stamps
I don’t. I lived in Rhode Island during the peak of its nation leading unemployment rate. Well, the only place worse was Detroit after the auto industry fall out. I couldn’t find a job and the longer I was unemployed the harder it was to find a job with a living wage. So we needed state assistance. I’m grateful we had it. I think we need to be constantly reevaluating the needs of the people and how the government could do its part to help to those with the most need but never should that mean we eliminate the programs. The idea that they are called “entitlement” programs is silly to me anyway. I never felt “entitled” to them. I wish I never needed them. I dreaded going down to that office carrying my daughter in my arms. I held back tears every time I went in there because I didn’t want the benefits. I wanted to work. I wanted to provide. I never felt entitled but I was glad that my daughter could get diapers.
To you, the reader, no added commentary this time. I address another assumption of her’s later that digs a bit deeper into #13. Stay tuned for more.

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