#MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain pt 9

Hey friends! Here’s the 12th of 16 assumptions Laura has about Christians. On this one I didn’t as much address her direct question as much as I addressed the assumption behind the assumption. Admittedly, this one will generate some disagreement among some of my believing brothers and sisters. That said, check the response and I’ll explain a bit more after.
12. You believe this country should be ruled by Christian principles. 

This belief is generally rooted in the notion that “America is a Christian nation” which is a notion I plainly laugh at. We have never been a “Christian nation” and while Christians may have been involved in the founding of this country so were atheists and agnostics. This country was founded by men who fled a nation ruled, at least in part, by a theocracy therefore I do not believe we should attempt to establish a new one. I agree that the state should not make rules that impede religious freedom but there is religious freedom here. An atheist should be free to be an American and an atheist. Christian and American, if the two should EVER become synonymous should only happen because the people of the country embraced the faith and not because the government imposed it on them.

To you, the reader, you probably disagree with me on this one. I understand if you do honestly. But here’s my logic –  what made America unique from the outset was that it was NOT founded theocratically. I’m sure some will retort with “but there were theologians that crafted the Declaration of Independence” and I’ll agree with that. But there were atheists and agnostics as well. Religious freedom as a governmental form is great act of common grace. The Buddhist who is legally free of be a Buddhist and then radically be impacted by the Gospel in a way that is neither imposed or fought against was a great thing for people like my friend Noelle. There are certain things that are legalized that are primarily moral issues – murder, theft, etc – these are all legislated morals. And they are good to legislate. But if the law of God didn’t save us when it was specifically laid out to humanity by the prophets of old, what makes us think that it will be the thing that will save us when it is laid by a Constitution? We can legislate good morals but we can’t legislate away our need for a Savior. A theocracy won’t save us, only the great Theo can do that.


Go ahead, hit me with your agreement or disagreements in the comments section.


  1. ttown1990 · March 16, 2016

    I’m with ya Steve. I think the same people who would say that America needs to get back to its “Christian” roots are the same ones that would call the 50s and 60s the good ole days. The gospel shatters this perception that we were made to have it all here. We grind and work to establish the kingdom knowing there is a great home awaiting us.

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  2. evanpash · March 17, 2016



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