#MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain pt 7

Honestly, these next two assumptions were a bit odd to me at first glance. Not because I didn’t think people held the views she mentions but because I had never connected them as things that were inherently “Christian” views. Unfortunately though, it’s the narrative around people like me (and if you’re a Christian, around people like you).

The first one is a current political hot button and the second is personal hot button. Make sure you catch up with the rest of the series before you read along so that you have the proper context then, jump in from there. To her:

8. We should close our borders
I don’t think that. I think its wild that a nation that prides itself on being a “melting pot” and very plainly built by immigrants wants to now close its borders. If that’s the case, anyone that came on their own free will should leave and let the Native Americans have the land back. We should guard our borders like every other country in the world but closing them is an outrageous idea.
9. You agree with the war on drugs and have no problem with the high rates of incarceration
No, I don’t. This one is ESPECIALLY touchy for me. Let’s not forget, the war on drugs was paid for with the drug money Reagan’s administration was collecting from drug lords. The simple fact that their is a prison “industry” with which people are compensated by the building and populating of prisons should tell us something is DEFINITELY wrong. The incarceration rate in this country for non-violent first time offenders is outrageous and is shame to our society as being so-called “free people.” This is all because of the so called war on drugs. I grew up in the inner city during the crack era. Drugs ruined my city but the war on drugs has done just as much damage as the drug dealers. Men, primarily Black and Latino men, doing 20 years prison time for possession of marijuana but you get only 30 days for “involuntary manslaughter?” End a human life and get 30 days, possess a drug and 20 years? Thats lopsided injustice done at the hands of the government at the cost of minority communities. Even Clinton (though he was probably pandering to the Black vote) apologized for the legislation that he wrote that perpetuated this problems. Then throw in the fact that Black people do more time for the same crimes as whites, get systematically pulled over for drug searches more than whites even though whites are statistically more likely to actually have drugs on them during traffic stops and you’ll get an ugly picture of this so called war on drugs.  I’ll stop now, because I don’t want to rant. But no, I do NOT agree with the war on drugs.
To you, the reader, these words are in no way an attempt to exhaust either my personal feelings on the matter or the complexities they bring with them. You also may not have given much thought to these issues. My challenge to you is if you haven’t given thought to these issues, don’t view them through the lens of your political biases or through the lens of the “conservative” talking heads. Let’s take the information and be true to our words of  having a “biblical worldview” by viewing this part of your world first and foremost though the lens of scripture.
Feel free to drop a comment below. Even if you disagree with me

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