#MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain pt 5

Today, I address two of Laura’s assumptions for two main reasons. First, they seem to connect to each other by idea and second, the first one is über short.
If you’re new to this conversation, please catch up by reading the first 4 parts of the series here. Now that you’re caught up, let’s jump to Laura’s next two assumptions about us.
5. You are for big corporations (what ever that means)
I am not sure what that means. However, I don’t think they should get a pass if they commit wrongdoing. Not sure what else to say on that one because I’m not  sure what you mean on that one.
6. You believe in the American Dream, meaning anyone in this country who really applies himself/herself can make it well
I do not. I was born and raised in inner city Detroit. I know first hand that you can’t expect someone to just “try hard” to make it. Its an exception, not a rule. When the schools pay the worst and recruit less than talented teachers, have deplorable conditions and teachers have to buy their own supplies meanwhile the schools in the neighboring suburbs feed directly into colleges, have better schools, better opportunities, state of the art equipment and facilities you can’t expect the same results from the students. When the policies created by both liberal and conservative politicians create an environment in inner cities and rural areas that makes it 10 times harder to get to step one when other environments put a student to begin at step 2, then how can we say that “if you pull yourself up by your boot straps yo can make it?” I could go on and on. I think America provides more opportunity than many other countries but the notion that we can all aspire to the same things if we try hard enough is an American fallacy.
“American fallacy”…yeah, I said that.

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