#MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain pt 4

If you’re new to this conversation, you’d be best served by reading parts 1,2 & 3 to get the full context of what we’ve been talking about with this #MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain series. They’re all short so it won’t take long.
Before we jump to the next assumption, I feel the need to share something about Laura. Don’t let the simplicity of these assumptions fool you. Laura is a thoughtful, careful thinking woman and, unlike some of us, she’s willing to admit that she has these assumptions. I’m sure some of you reading this have made some assumptions about Laura or already have assumptions about anyone who is self-professing as both “Liberal” and “Lesbian.” Laura could have gone directly to the questions about the faith that she has for me but she knew that the answers I gave her would be shrouded by the assumptions she has of me. She knew if she didn’t address the assumptions, she wouldn’t be hearing from a human being with complex thoughts, feelings and views that differ from her own but rather I’d be another Fox News watching, right wing Bible thumper trying to take away her rights. She’s SO thoughtful, that she chose to hand write these assumptions/questions because she knows she can be quick tempered and not give thoughtful responses via email like she can in a handwritten letter. So she actually snail mailed these questions in a letter written to me in blue ink. I think we all could learn a thing or two from Laura. Now, let’s jump to the next assumption.
After asking me about about abortion and war, Laura continues with her assumptions about my views of life by presenting her next assumption about me as a Christian. Here is her assumption and my answer.
4. You “believe” in the death penalty.
I do not. I find it to be incongruent to say “I’m pro-life” and be pro-death penalty. I don’t think we can say we should defend life and give them a chance at birth then say “well, he screwed up so kill him now.” I lived near Boston for 12 years and was around for the bombing. My daughter’s godmother had a last second change of plans that kept her from being where she normally is during that race – right next to the bombs. One of the girls that lost her leg lived right down the street from me. I saw the effects up close and personal. I think what he did was deplorable. I don’t think he should’ve gotten the death penalty. He should be punished within the full extent of the law as long as that excludes the death penalty, in my opinion. I am thoroughly against it.
To you, the reader, I recognize this view may be different from your own. You may disagree with me on this issue as I know many Christians do. Many well meaning, charitable, honest, good Christians are pro-death penalty. This is an issue where we disagree. People who believe like I do and yet are embraced by the brothers and sisters in the Church are not what’s “wrong with the church today” but rather proof of what’s right with it. We have differing views on nonessential (but immensely important) issues and we can stand together diverse in thought but not divided in heart. You can be a good Christian and against the death penalty. There is room for you in the Body of Christ, even if some of us disagree. I think embracing diversity of thought will also help us to take strides to #MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain

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