#MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain pt 3

Earlier this week I began sharing with you a conversation I’m having with my self-identified liberal lesbian friend “Laura” about the assumptions she has about me because I’m a Christian. She wants to ask about the faith but she wants to deal with these assumptions first. You can catch up on the first two parts by reading this.

Today, I want to share with you the third question/assumption “Laura” has about me (and, if you’re a Christian, you).


3. You are hawkish in terms of war.
I am not. I think war should be the LAST of the LAST of the LAST of options. War is ugly. My great-grandfather was a WWII vet, my grandfather was injured and suffers from a multitude of physical and psychological issues from Vietnam, many family members in the first Gulf War and many friends and family who suffer in various ways from the last conflict in the Middle East. I’ve seen what happens to men and women in war and I think we need to do whatever it takes to protect the ones whom signed up to protect us. I don’t think we do enough to protect them and we do them a disservice when we rush to war or even threaten it. I understand that the way the world works requires that at some point war may be a reality but it should be the last of the last of the last of the last of options.

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