#MakeEvangelicalGreatAgain pt 2

Yesterday, I began sharing this conversation with “Laura,” my liberal lesbian friend that has some questions about Christianity. But first, she wants to address her assumptions about me (and if you’re a Christian, you).

Check part 1 of the conversation here to get a full picture of how this started and where its going. Today, I’ll share my answer to her second question. It about abortion and women’s rights.

2. You are against abortion. With that, you believe human life begins at conception. You don’t believe women have the right to choose.

In 99% of the cases, I am against abortion. For me its an intensely personal issue. I was conceived as a product of an adult male raping my 12 year old mother. Everyone would have completely understood if she had an abortion. She hid the pregnancy out of shame for months and months. She was advised to have an abortion and no one would have blamed her if she did. But she didn’t. I’m alive today because someone saw me as a “life.” My children are here today because of that. The people’s lives that I have touched (at least that’s what they tell me) happened because I was seen as a life. I’m talking with you today because of that. So yes, I do believe that life begins at conception and I disagree with the use of abortion as a means of contraception. I believe there are a very small number of extreme situations that warrant a medical termination of the pregnancy and I think that should be rare. I don’t see it as a matter of “women’s choice” because I believe that the concept of defining life shouldn’t be left up an individual. Yes, women take on the brunt of child bearing. Their organs are pushed on, a new organ is grown to support that life, they put on weight, endure the pain of passing a human being through a 10 centimeter separation of her pelvic bone. The list goes on and on. I’m wildly sympathetic to that especially after watching my wife go through two very different pregnancies with my daughters. However, I don’t think the person carrying the child gets to choose if it is actually a life. Life is bigger than us and thus defining it shouldn’t be left solely to us.

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